About Syd

Syd, the BSL

Syd, the BSL


Syd, the BSL

What’s up, world? It’s me, Syd, the brown skin lady (or BSL for short). For the first time ever, I’m diving into the world of blogging, so bear with me as I get the hang of this.

“I met this girl when I was 10 years old, and what I loved most, she had so much soul…”

One of my Facebook friends bestowed the name, “Syd,” upon me once he realized just how much I love hip-hop. (Guess he got the point after I was flooding his timeline daily with videos by Common, Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, and Gang Starr–just to name a few.) Syd is Sanaa Lathan’s character in “Brown Sugar.” After christening me Syd, a few of our friends agreed that the name was a perfect fit.

My friend, Shorty, said, “Yo, I just watched ‘Brown Sugar’ again for the millionth time and I still feel Sanaa Lathan is playing you in the movie. LMAO!”

I love that comment!

“Let’s see, you’re fruitful, beautiful, smart, lovable, huggable, doable like art, suitable to be part of my life…”

I’ve always been a “Brown Skin Lady” even before Black Star came out with the song in ’98. Mos Def and Talib Kweli just gave me a title to define who I am, and that’s been my anthem ever since. So, there’s my short & sweet introduction.

Brown Skin Lady

"Check her she the nectar the bee get close to."


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