Define Love

My definition of love is:

  • wanting to share every aspect of my life with this one person because no matter whether it’s joy or pain, he’s the only support I want to receive.
  • needing to hear his voice or read a text message from him just to be able to get through the day because his words are the comfort and motivation that I need.
  • rejoicing in the good things that happen to him and being ready to go to war when he’s met with some obstacle because his happiness and sadness belong to me, too.
  • wanting to spend every second of my life with my arms and legs intertwined with his because I always want to stay in his presence.
  • accepting his flaws because his constant good heart outweighs any little annoying thing that he could do every now and then.
  • being able to expose my true self to him and risk being critiqued because I’ve revealed who I really am but need him to see all of me, not just the physical me.
  • feeling like he’s my cure, my Prince Charming, my counselor, my protector, and my confidant all wrapped in one.



About SydTheBSL

I'm a huge lover of hip-hop. Simply put.

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