It was the best day of my life. It was the worst day of my life.

On 9/28/02, I was the happiest woman in the world because it was the best day of my life.

On 9/28/07, I was the saddest woman in the world because it was the worst day of my life.

In ’02, I married the love of my life. In ’07, I was packing up our things…or my things because of what he left behind. I just knew that I would never recover from such a heartbreak. How could the one who I thought was my reason for being on earth abandon our marriage and the love I had for him? I had to accept that he had made his choice, and I would have to move on. Being separated and ultimately divorced is not what I had planned for my life. But, I couldn’t let that defeat me.

These past four years have been filled with many highs and many more lows. Thankfully though, the lows have been few and far between lately. A new me has been born. I’ve immersed myself in things that make me happy: my family, my friends, my sorority, and hip-hop. I’m finally living for me, and I’m at peace.

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve been if my ex and I could’ve worked it out or what would’ve been if we had called it quits earlier or what if we were still married & going on the same course we had been. No one will ever know what may have been. But, today, I have more hope for the future. I have hope that the true love of my life will come scoop me up. I have hope that I will be a great wife to someone else some day. I have hope that my life will just be better overall.

On 9/28/11, I am once again happy because I am living the life I always wanted to live with the people I love and the people who love me right back.

Syd, the Brown Skin Lady


About SydTheBSL

I'm a huge lover of hip-hop. Simply put.

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  1. This is the second post I’ve seen today were a person has talked about the “new me.” I can relate to that process. I’m trying to permanently kill the “old me.” I’m making progress.
    I never been married so I can not relate to that specifically but I can relate to being in love. Glad you’re at peace. It’s also refreshing to read you are a lover of hip hop.

    • Thank you so much for reading my posts, and once again, I apologize for just seeing your comments. October has been a busy month for me, and I haven’t had a chance to get back over here until today.

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