No Snitching

I was reading the local newspaper today, and an article on the front page was about a bank robber who had been sentenced to 15 years. (Cool! You shouldn’t be robbing banks anyway. )

The guy who was sentenced didn’t act alone. There was another guy who helped him rob the bank, but he hasn’t been caught yet. Why did the guy say that he didn’t know who robbed the bank with him? All he knows is a nickname.

Excuse me, sir? You hatched a plan (I hope you sat down & made a plan) to rob a bank with someone you casually know?? Why would you do something like that? How did you pick this dude who you have no clue about? Sounds pretty fishy to me. Not that I’d ever rob a bank, but there are just certain things that you don’t do with strangers. Robbing banks is one of them.

I think you weren’t the mastermind behind this plan. The dude that you don’t know, the one that got away and has yet to be brought to justice, left you holding the bag (figuratively & literally). You’re either scared to death of this person that “you don’t know” or you abide faithfully by the code of the streets…no snitching.

Your accomplice, the mystery man, probably isn’t even hiding. He’s in plain sight because you won’t say anything. Do your 15 years in a cell. He’ll do his on the streets. Is there a statute of limitations on armed robbery? If not, it really doesn’t matter because you won’t snitch. Snitches get stitches.


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