“Who made you fall in love with hip-hop?”

So…on Facebook today, Essence Online asked, “Who made you fall in love with hip-hop?” I got so excited because I’m such a hip-hop head. I was scrolling through the comments, and people were naming Eric B. & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Salt ‘N Pepa, Queen Latifah, Doug E. Fresh, LL Cool J…I was feeling all of the responses!

Then, I noticed the link associated with the question–“Hip-Hop Heartthrobs.” WHAT?! They posted a gallery full of their finest rappers, and I got upset!  I don’t like hip-hop because of the handsome men. I love hip-hop for the culture. I mean, I can see where Essence Online was trying to go with the question, but for a head like me, that question and that picture gallery just don’t fit.

Just simply ask, “Who is the most attractive rapper?” Then, post the pics. But, when I saw, “Who made you fall in love with hip-hop?”, my answer was: I was familiar with hip-hop in the mid-80s, but it was A Tribe Called Quest, GangStarr, and Pete Rock & CL Smooth that made me fall in love with hip-hop.

To me, the picture gallery could have included those MCs who paved the way for today’s artists. But, did I really expect more from Essence?



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I'm a huge lover of hip-hop. Simply put.

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