The Way You Make Me Feel

No, this isn’t a love letter to a special man in my life. This is my journal entry to express my love for It’s a Wonderful World Music Group (IWWMG). IWWMG was founded by 9th Wonder who is a former member of Little Brother and a well-respected producer in the music industry. Under the IWWM Group are two independent record labels, Jamla & The Academy.

I titled this, “The Way You Make Me Feel,” because of the Michael Jackson song. IWW makes me feel refreshed. I love hip-hop, but over the past few years, I began to feel as if the music was dying. We’d been oversaturated with acts such as Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, and Lil Boosie. Finally, there are about nine artists on IWWMG who bring the hip-hop I’m so passionate about. It’s that same refreshing feeling I had when Rawkus launched.

IWW Really Turns Me On

Whenever I see any tweets or FB posts from the artists, I get so excited. I think I’m obsessed with Twitter just because I can follow them and know what’s going on. “There’s a show scheduled next month?! Word! I’m trying to be there!” “They’re working on a new album? I can’t wait!” IWW has R&B artists Heather Victoria and Tyler Woods (who I’ve fallen in love with). The rest of the roster is filled with MCs. I get all my fixes from just ONE label. It’s just a breath of fresh air!

IWW Knocks Me off of My Feet

I’m so blown away by all of the IWW artists. Rapsody represents for the b-girls. There aren’t many female MCs I’m down for, and it’s so good to have another woman in hip-hop that represents me.  I look at her, and I see myself. Tyler Woods brings back that soul music I’d been missing. HaLo and Actual Proof pay homage to my favorite producer, Dilla. Whether it’s a shout out in their lyrics, a sample, or a whole track dedicated to Jay Dee, they show love.

My Lonely Days Are Gone

No matter what mood I’m in, there’s some IWW music that fits. If I’m stressed, I pop in Tyler Woods. If I just want to chill, I throw on some Act Proof. There’s an album for every situation. For months, I’ve only been playing IWW music. I feel like I’m cheating on my other favorite artists. (Wale, my boo, I still love you even though you’ve been put on the back burner.) It’s just IWW is holding my ears hostage, and they just won’t let go!

I Like the Feeling IWW Is Giving Me

I have even proclaimed myself the Official Unofficial It’s a Wonderful World Music Group Street Team member. I retweet their happenings on Twitter and share their videos/posts on Facebook.  When my cousin, Michael, needed new music, I tossed him my HaLo CD. I put my girls, Jess & Tiff, on to the “Mahogany Experiment.” I love IWW, and I’m so glad to have them in my life. Hip-Hop isn’t dead. Just take a listen to the Jamla & Academy artists. Hip-Hop is so alive!

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Some IWW Tracks to Check Out:

“Angel” by Rapsody ft. Laws (

“Boom Bap for the Radio” by HaLo (

“Go” by Big Remo ft. 9thmatic (

“Grinnin’” by Thee Tom Hardy (

“I’m Down” by Heather Victoria (

“Lost in Your Love” by Tyler Woods (

“The Shining” by The Away Team (

“Speakers on Blast” by Skyzoo (

“Time’s Up” by Actual Proof ft. HaLo, Rapsody, Sean Boog & GQ (

“Lights, Camera, Action” by GQ (

“Gotta Work” by TP ft. King Mez, HaLo, and Heather Victoria (


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